Permatron PreVent Screen Filters

Introducing the Permatron PreVent® System line of air intake or ventilation inlet and outlet filter screen protection products. Easy-to-install with magnetic, no-drill fasteners, PreVent screen filters are custom-fit to stop airborne debris before it ever gets inside your HVAC coils/fins or recirculated throughout your facility.  PreVent filters are designed to simplify maintenance and eliminate downtime by preventing dirt build-up on the interior components of any system.

Protect all equipment, from icemakers, reach-in coolers, industrial compressors, to recirculating fans chillers and cooling towers. PreVent filters are UV protected and will stand up to the most extreme outdoor and indoor exposure, while offering a five year guarantee. The screen filters are crafted from fabrics chosen for low air flow resistance, high debris holding capacity and easy cleanability.

Filter Engineering Corporation is a company with 75 years of filtration expertise. We work with a number of widely recognized OEM equipment manufacturers to meet the custom filtration needs of our customers. Give us a call to learn more. Our number is 586-268-7300 or e-mail us at



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